Koi Beads is a handcrafted artisanal jewelry line made with gemstones and glass beads from around the world based in Cold Spring, NY, in the Hudson Valley.

Stacy Morrison is the founder of Koi Beads, where she funnels her lifelong passion for gemstones and glass into creating luxurious, everyday pieces that reflect the style of the wearer. The centerpiece of Koi Designs is the 'wristlace,' a versatile design that can be worn both as a wrap bracelet and as a necklace, of varying lengths depending on how many times you loop it.

All designs feature glass seed beads from Japan and the Czech Republic, where the art of glass seed-beed making has been passed down in families for generations. Stacy also searches for vintage glass beads, gemstones, charms, and other treasures from craftsmen around the world.

As a longtime magazine editor (Marie Claire, Redbook, Modern Bride), Stacy worked within the fashion, home design, and jewelry markets, where she traveled to the international fine watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland. After making beaded pieces for herself for many years, that people were always asking to buy, she launched Koi Beads in July 2019.

WHY KOI? In Asian cultures (both Japanese and Chinese), the koi is a revered symbol representing strength, resilience, and love, and is a talisman that has long played a role in Stacy's life, particularly as a historic design motif that her mother loved (which eventually led to a koi pond in the backyard of her childhood home). Koi Beads designs are a celebration of resilience -- quite literally, as the stretch cord is the anchor of all Koi designs -- and the unique style we each possess.

Koi Beads is made up of five lines: Koi Classics (affordable wristlaces in bold patterns), Koi Luxe (pieces made with semiprecious gemstones and fine metals), Be Koi (wristlaces bearing slogans in 14k gold charm letters that project a little attitude), Koi Skinnies (extra-long, extra-fine pieces made with beads the size of poppy seeds) and Koi Boy (shorter pieces, for men or women or nonbinary folks who prefer matte over shiny).